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What the Fluff? Whipped Face Wash

What the Fluff? Whipped Face Wash

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Wash away dirt and grime without stripping away natural oils for a satisfying clean feeling you will love!

This daily face cleanser is suitable for all skin types. It's gentle, pH balanced formula contains ingredients known for their skin clearing properties making it great for treating blemishes and impurities on your skin. It is also packed with skin nourishing ingredients that will leave your face feeling soft and smooth after just one use.

Can also be used as a body wash!


Use with our Plush Spa Headband!

Directions: Dampen face and hands. Rub a pea sized amount between palms to form a lather. Apply to face using gentle, circular motions for 60 seconds. Rinse throughly with warm water.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate*, Vegetable glycerin, Distilled water, Cocamidopropyl betaine*, Shea butter, Stearic acid, Calendula infused grapeseed oil, Goat milk, Essential oils (lavender, tea tree, rosemary, roman chamomile), Sodium lactate, Benzyl alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin* (*Naturally derived ingredient)

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